Water for South Sudan

    This club is hosting a donation drive for the cause Water for South Sudan. Money raised will go to help build water wells in the world’s newest and one of the poorest countries. Over 20 year of Civil War ended this summer with the split of Sudan and South Sudan. Just $10 can give 1 Sudanese child water for a lifetime, but we accept donations of all kinds, from nickels and dimes to larger bills. The donation drive will last until Spring Break. All the money will be collected on April 5th, counted by room, and a winner (of the most money collected) will be announced. That homeroom class will receive a pizza party (funded by Interact, not the donations). Please have your homeroom class donate to this great cause.

If you have any questions, e-mail Eric Heigis at gghsinteractpresident@gmail.com, or contact our advisor, Ms. Pham.

Click here to go to the Water for South Sudan, Inc.'s website.

Water for South Sudan: It Makes Cents!!